Twitter By User and Specific Search

I think this is possible but I can’t get my head around it. I hope you can help me here… @HansS

Let’s say I want to extract all cornavirus tweets posted by nytimes user.

I have attached the workflow for you to look and modify accordingly.

Thanks, Ali

Twitter_User.knwf (15.4 KB)

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Hi @mcbenly,

I think you you could use the Twitter Search node, with a search query along the lines of:

from:nytimes coronavirus since:2020-01-01 lang:en

According to the Standard Search Operators.

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Genius. Thank you @oole
Can I ask here too, how can I use the same logic, if I want to extract tweets based on tweet_ids ? OR what will be the best way to extract tweets if I have list of tweet_ids.

Your help is appreciated.


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