Twitter retweet count, favourited count


i have 2 columns. Tweet and links. I have 50 000 data .My data like this;


#Citi Global Economist Ebrahim Rahbari discusses next week's interest rate decision by the BOJ on #BloombergGO
RT @TeamUSA Inspired by @ScoutBassett's progress! She & @Citi want to motivate all of us to set new goals and #StandForProgress!

Way to continue to surpass your goals with another win @BradSnyderUSA! Congrats! #StandForProgress


how can i get retweet counts and favourited counts for each tweet ?i have 50000 data.

Thanks for your help. 

The Twitter REST API is rate limited. The search allows 180 requests/15s minute, so you'll not get very far for 50.000 tweets.

You could try scraping the data from the website using the Selenium nodes, but with 50.000 items, it's likely that you'll run into a limit at some point as well.