Twitter Search From Table? And then Custom Tagging

I would like to search tweets with specific words from table. Is there anyway to not put list of same words from table into ‘Tweeter Search’ node in Query? I am sure there must be a way to by pass this? Because I have list of words that I want to search tweet for.

Also, when this search happens I want to classify each tweet from table based on word containing in tweet.

Please take a look of workflow and you will understand what exactly I am trying to do here.
TwitterQuestion.knwf (29.4 KB)


Hi @mcbenly

I triend to run your flow, but before it runs all the way you have to configure your TwitterSearch node. In the query field you have to put some text, after that your are able to use your list from the table as a flow variable.

gr. Hans

Thanks Hans for looking into this. But that’s the whole issue, I have list of 100 words , I will need to put OR after every word

. or is there better way to do that?

Hi @mcbenly,

I hope I understood your question this time. You want a single (1) OR statement as a query text in the TwitterSearch node, with +/- 100 words. Is that what your after? If that is the case this adjustment in your wf will help you out TwitterQuestion_2.knwf (33.9 KB)


Hi @HansS

Twitter only produce result for whatever is in “Twitter Search” node, for example you put ‘test’ word in it and twitter only searched for ‘test’ word. TestWord

Basically I want to search tweets for every word that is in the table.

Then next step:
Once tweets are collected from table, for example like:

then I want to classify them via another table, Tagger

This is the kind of output I would like get,

But of course this tagging is not working properly. But as you can see wherever the tweet containing ‘research’ word, then it classified as ‘Good’

Hope it made some sense here…


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@HansS Any suggestion ?

Hi @mcbenly

I think(?) I understand your research question, but I’m not so familiar with the TextProcessing nodes you use (sorry for that). So I focused on the TwitterSearch and there is a a way to keep the word_to_search and the decision together with the tweet using flow variables, which leads to this output. Does this kind of output helps you? Is this table usefull to do your text-processing?

TwitterQuestion_3.knwf (30.8 KB)

Hi @HansS I think it is helpful. Thank you!

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