Twitter Search node probs


I am having problems with the Twitter search node.

Some of the Twitter Search parameters are not working as they should.

The since: parameter works as it should but when I am using the until: parameter the node always returns an empty table. Both in combination with the since: parameter and alone.
The -filter:replies parameter should only return tweets, but it returns both tweets and retweets.

Are these problems known or are they just me?

Best Regards

Hi @Andrew_Steel,

since: and until: query parameters work fine for me. The empty result set might be due to API limitations which will only provide data not older than seven days.

On the other topic: Twitter API differentiates between replies and retweets, i.e. reply is an answer to a tweet and retweet a re-post. If you want to filter out all of them, you can combine -filter:replies and -filter:retweets


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