"Twitter Search" node query multiple

I'm trying to use the TWITTER SEARCH node. If you read NODE DESCRIPTION in Knime you see:


query: The search query. Uses the same operators as on Twitter / Search .


Unfortunately if you follow the same logic operators are explained in Twitter / Search link, the node doesn't work:

- if I search <apple> it works.

- If I search <"apple" l=en> the node returns tweets in all languages, not only english as supposed.

- if I search <l=en&q=apple&src=typd>  the node return a WARNING with an empty table.


In few words, how can I use the Twitter Advance Search operators inside the Knime Twitter Search node?



Hi Federico,

You can add multiple parameters in your query by using the available search operators (see image in attachment). In KNIME Analytics Platform you need to use the Twitter Search node to do that. You just need to add multiple parameters in the query box available in the Twitter Search node separated by white spaces.

For instance, you can try with this: from:KNIME KNIME Analytics lang:en

Hope that helps,



Thank you Vincenzo! I tested the query and the parameter lang:en works. 

"iphone 8" OR "Samsung 8" lang:en

It works, but just for iphone 8, no results on Samsung 8. While if I search just for Samsung 8:

"Samsung 8" lang:en

I get results.

Thus, what is described in the NODE DESCRIPTION, in particular:


The search query. Uses the same operators as on Twitter / Search .

It is not correct. The link send to https://twitter.com/search-home but if you try to use those operators, it doesn't work. If you use the operators in the advance search link (https://twitter.com/search-advanced) copying the operators from the URL created, it doesn't work either.

Do you have somewhere the instructions on how to create advance search in the node?

Thank you in advance for your help!