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congratulation to the developers of Knime Software, it is the best tool integrating global stadistics from diferents sources. I'm loving it. Now,  I am using Twitter Search node and I have a question. Results are based on three altertatives: the most popular tweets, the most recent ones or a mixture of both. What is the meaning of every alternative? What is the criteria to select tweet with each alternative?

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PD. Is there a general document Twitter API in Knime



the Twitter search options correspond to the options provided by Twitter's search API. Here is the official documentation:

Specifies what type of search results you would prefer to receive. The current default is “mixed.” Valid values include:
  * mixed: Include both popular and real time results in the response.
  * recent: return only the most recent results in the response
  * popular: return only the most popular results in the response.


I unfortunatly can't tell you what Twitter's exact definition of recent or popular is, I don't know of a document that explains this in more detail.

If you are looking for more information on the Twitter nodes in KNIME you can check out this Blog post, explaining the account setup and giving a short overview of the available nodes: