Twitter special caharacter problem

Hi Guys,

I am quite new to Knime and I have a small but essential problem reggarding the twitter search Node.

I am trying to extract data from Turkish hashtags and I use Twitter Search Node a lot. However, the node's output file shows the few results when ı am trying to take including Turkish characters (ğ, ü, ş, ç , ö, ı) like #KorkuyorumÇünkü . If ı try to take  english suitable hashtags like #DtcfTiyatroHerYerde ıt works successfully. I will use Knime in my Phd thesis and this problem is very important for me.

Your help will be highly appreciated.

Hi Tascaynar,

have you tried searching without the diacritical marks? For example, I have tried both #KorkuyorumÇünkü and #KorkuyorumCünkü, and both return results including the ç character. Maybe you get better results this way?