Twitter Streaming node error (twitter4j)

Current version of Twitter Streaming Node (4.3.0.v202011191704) does not work due a problem with the twitter4j initialization.

The first console message is:
Execute failed: class twitter4j.TwitterStreamImpl cannot access its superclass twitter4j.TwitterBaseImpl

and then, all the subsequent tries yield the error text:
Execute failed: Could not initialize class twitter4j.TwitterStreamFactory

To be able to reproduce simply use a Twitter API Connector with your dev credentials and a Twitter Streaming with any keyword. I have tested both read-only and read-write apps (with a free dev account).

I am using KNIME 4.3.0 on Windows 10 64 bit. The installed extension for Twitter is:

Name: KNIME Twitter Connectors
Version: 4.3.0.v202011191704

I forgot to say that this problem is the same that the one showing in the last comment of this topic:

I think the original problem with that node got fixed, but now it has reappeared some months ago. It’s strange that nobody has reported this before. Maybe the node is not being used at all, or we (the original poster and me) have some sort of error in the KNIME installation.

Hi @al409612 and welcome to the forum.

I can confirm it’s not just you - the problem is easily reproducible from my end. I know there are folks out there using the Twitter nodes - in particular, the Twitter Search, which seems to work OK.

I will create a ticket (AP-16040) and ask if one of our developers can take a closer look. Thanks for reporting, and sorry for the trouble!


Hi @ScottF, thanks for your message :smile: and you are welcome.

Yes, I can confirm that the other Twitter nodes also work in my setup. So the problem seems to only affect the Twitter Streaming Node.

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This seems to be fixed in the v4.4.0 release! :ok_hand:


That’s right, glad you noticed! Thanks again for reporting the bug, and please do let us know if any other issues arise with the Twitter integration. :+1:


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