Twitter streaming not functioning

Twitter Streaming node not functioning at all. It used to function properly previously but not now. No problem with api connector and it works fine for all other twitter nodes (twitter search, twitter timeline etc.) but not for twitter strreaming. It yields "Node created an empty data table" message only (for any term I check). Any idea?

I learned the solution (thanks to eduramiba from Gephi): Incorrect time in my pc. I syncronized my pc clock and it's now OK!

marking as solved :-)

May I know what is the solution ? because I came across the same problem right now lol

His solution was:


Yes, you must syncronize your pc clock.


thanks a lot @quaeler and @atabek , i will try the solution now.

ERROR Twitter Streaming 0:12 Execute failed: class twitter4j.TwitterStreamImpl cannot access its superclass twitter4j.TwitterBaseImpl

Please I always run into this error why trying to use the KNIME Twitter Streaming Node and I keep running into this error. My API key works fine with the Twitter Search Node.
Can someone help out?

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