Twitter Timeline Node for Multiple Usernames (like Twitter Users Node)


I've started working with the Twitter Timelines node, and wanted to see if there was a way to use one node with a table creator input node to specify a group of usernames to retrieve tweets on. I didn't see something simple, but just wanted to check! If not, it's a lot of data to concatenate. 



The Twitter Timeline node can only retrieve the timeline for one user at a time, so you will have to use loops for this.



Hi @winter,

I have a similar problem and I have the 400 twitter’s user.
How to create the loop? if you help with screenshot, I can understand more easily.

Pls help.

Take a look at this node:

it allows you to loop over a table, turning each row into a set of variables. You can override the user field in the Twitter Timeline node via the Flow Variables tab. To finish up the loop you just need a regular Loop End node.
For more information on loops take a look the following example workflows:


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