Two Input ports for normal row filter?

Hello, is it possible to use one row filter for two uploaded excel files?
So, I have two excel files which I upload whit excel reader. Then I wan’t to filter for the calendar weeks. For example I want to include the weeks between CW 30 to CW 63. But I have to change every week the included calendar weeks. Therefore I want to use only one row filter because if I use two row filter, I have to change the weeks in two row filter nodes. Therefore I need two input ports for the row filter. Is that possible? Thank you.

Thank you.

It would be helpful if you provided your workflow and some sample data so that we could actually see what you’re working with.

If all you want to do is change the filtering criteria, it seems to me that you could do this by creating a component that includes two Integer Configuration nodes which create flow variables that define the week start and week end values. The Row Filter node would then be set up to use these flow variables.

So I uploaded example tables. I want to filter in both row filters for a calendar week range. I already created flow variables for the workflow. But I can’t use that flow variables in the row filter.

I want to filter like in the picture but with variables.

What should i select here?

Row Filter.knar.knwf (9.1 KB)

What if you loop over the excel files and filter each one individually?

I don’t know what you exactly mean? Do you have an example? I think variable is also a good solution but I don’t know, how I should fill the entry fields that it works.

Thank you

Hi @Frank2323 -

You might consider something like this. It will probably be helpful for you to convert your calendar week string into a proper DateTime object before doing filtering:

Thank you. But I can’t see the whole workflow due to the missing excel files.

Found a Solution. I filled out this and it worked. Thanks for your support.


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