Two new Plugins in the Nightly-Build: ClearVolume and CellProfiler Integrations

Hi all,

I just added two new plugins to our nightly build: ClearVolume (MPI-CBG Dresden) and CellProfiler (BroadInstitute) Integrations. Before we add the plugins to the 'Stable' or 'Trusted' update-sites, we want to give the users the chance to report bugs, problems or any other suggestions.

Thanks in advance for your feedback!





I just tried the ClearVolume Plugin. And I love it! Really great, and a feature that knime was certainly still missing in that quality.


There are just a few more improvements that I'd like to request:

  • please use the colors as defined in the image channels. I already heard that that's not as easy as it sounds, but I know every biologist chooses those colors deliberately and relies on the colors to stay the same.
  • somehow I'd expect moving along the y-axis to move the image in the opposite direction
  • for setting min/max/gamma, I have to click one of the channel buttons that either change the color or hide that channel, and that's both not what I intend. Funny enough, selecting no color by pressing cancel uses a rainbow color table. That could be useful, but should be better accessible.
  • the recording should not just export png files but e.g. .avi files and maybe support something like "turn 360 degrees". Do not underestimate PowerPoint compability for all those Windows users out there, seriously ;)
  • time series should be supported in the future


Thanks again!

Just a quick comment to the CellProfiler Node: the prefs should go be located under the Image Processing prefs.

Hi Lorenz,


thank you very much for you feedback. The points you raised are on the very top of my list of features to implement.

The rainbow LUT is an remaining artifact of my own tests and clearly should not be there any more. 

For selecting a channel I suggest clicking on the slider... this does not change anything and still selects the layer. Improvements to come, promise! ;)


So far, thanks for your kind words and good suggestions,