Two possible bugs in `Range Slider Filter Definition` node

I have encountered two possible bugs in the Range Slider Filter Definition as follows:

  1. When using the node with Double Value columns, with the range defined automatically based on the column bounds, lets say we have a range from 0.1742647918142839 to 99.154524365476736, and the node set to use 2 decimal places for the slider. So, the slider range will be 0.17 <–> 99.15. When closing the interactive view from the wrapped metanode containing this, an error is thrown, ‘One value is smaller than the allowed minimum of 0.1742647918142839’, and so you always have to ‘nudge’ the slider very slightly:

  1. With integer columns again with the range defined automatically, if the column only contains a single value, then the range slide runs form e.g. 1 <–> 1

which would be OK (you just want to include or exclude every value!), if it wasnt for this:


The (slightly contrived) attached example hopefully demonstrates.

Range Slider bugs.knwf (36.8 KB)


Hi Steve,

thanks for the detailed description of this bug. I will open up a ticket for it on our end and see that it gets the right priority.


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Thanks Christian,