Has anyone ever tried to implement Kimball’s type II slowly changing dimension in KNIME? If yes, how?

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HI Denis,

you might want to have a look at the pygrametl package and try to use it withtin a Python Script node.


The new Database Merge node might be of help here, currently in preview, part of 3.6.0 Database Integrations extension.
It allows to do an UPSERT on a table.

Also looking for such a node like there is in SSIS not having to add some Do It Yourself stuff.

Interested in the same topic. Any updates? I’m currently trying to create a type 6 SCD (Slowly Changing Dimensions).

I have done some work trying to get SCD2 functionality. I has not been easy specially when changes are made to the dimension attribute (lots of things to track and align). Back in 2010 I used the SCD component for SSIS from Todd McDermid wishing something similar exist in KNIME.

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If you don’t mind please share your workflow ?

Hello there,

found bottom workflow on Hub regarding SCD. Maybe helps:

Welcome to KNIME Community @nhbadza!


Thanks a lot let me check it out

I took a look at what you just shared, but I’m struggling to understand how it works
Please enlighten me ?

Hello @nhbadza,

haven’t looked in details but seems to me it’s updating table based on new data while adding valid to/from and status columns. Is there any specific node/part that is troubling you? You can always comment/ask question on workflow itself on KNIME Hub. I just advise to tag workflow creator as otherwise don’t think notification is sent.


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