Type node implementing


Hello, I’m implementing a node in knime that what you do is from a configuration you get data that can be processed, but I do not know what type the node is because it does not match any of the specifications of the blue nodes, red, yellow, carmelite, green. I think it’s orange but I do not have the specification of this type of node. Can somebody help me?



If I recall correctly you want Source for input (reader) and Sink for output (writer).

If you’re using the node creation wizard don’t worry too much about making a bad choice as you can change this in the node xml file later anyway.



Ok but I need to document my choice, and I wanted to know the precise specifications for this type of node.



Apart from consistency of appearance with other nodes, I don’t think the type makes any difference to the node itself. It sounds like a source node from your description, by comparison with e.g. the Database nodes, which are almost all source nodes even though some of them have predecessor nodes.