Ubuntu 16.04, slow performance


I just updatedt to Ubuntu 16.04 and since then KNIME is behaving much slower. This very poor performance makes it not usable at all.Sometimes it even hangs.

any clue?




I found the solution. The problem is a bug of Ubuntu Xenial regarding GTK.

There are two possible work arounds: one is to set a env variable in the terminal before launching Knime:

export SWT_GTK3=0

The second option is to edit the knime.ini by putting the followint two lines before "-vmargs"



The bug is already documented in canonical:


Hi Igor,

thank you for sharing your solution with us.

We had problem with this ubunto bug before, and of course hoping for a fix.

Best regards,



I can confirm this issue with Ubuntu 16.04. The first solution (export SWT_GTK3=0) works for me, the second does not.


Hi everyone,

Anyone has checked if this "gtk3/swt issue" is fixed in Knime 3.3 that includes an upgrade to Eclipse 4.6 ?

All the best, olav


Hi evertone,

I just checked that Knime 3.3 seams to runs smoothly in Ubuntu 16.04

Best, olav