UI Feature Suggestion: Highlight node changes by date

I recently opened a large workflow with 4 different versions of a task that needed to be carried out. No other documentation was available. I had to figure out which version had been worked on most recently so that the rest could be discarded.

KNIME AP doesn’t offer a way to do this to my knowledge.
I came up with a dirty solution where I changed the bgcolor to purple for each of the files that had their last modified past a certain date. (This was done on a copy of the workflow and used the file last modified date of settings.xml, which isn’t ideal)

However, there’s an opportunity here to build this in to KNIME AP as a feature (like the ‘Compare’ feature).

I propose:

  1. Store the created date and last modified date within each node’s settings.xml (necessary to be able to filter)
  2. In the UI, create a filter so that the user can select the dates of interest (Either to include or exclude).
  3. Then have a way of highlighting (or even allow de/selecting) those nodes so that the user can see what has been done.

This would only work on workflows created with the date addition in the settings.xml of course.

Conceivably, a user could open a workflow, pull up a slider filter, and move it slowly and see what nodes were changed as their highlighting turns on.

Interesting idea!

Btw, I believe workflow.knime is a better location to save date information instead of settings.xml.

And this feature may have a better name, like Time Travel :rofl: