unable install extension in knime 4.2

hi, I installed last version of knime is called 4.2 on mac with os : catalina 15.10.4 .
No Antivirus is ruuning , I stoped . also , I had knime 4.1 in my computer and I uninstalled and install new version. but beacase i could not solve the problem , I had to uninstall new and install old version again. and install the extension. beacause it is working now and before installation, i guess there is no problem in my computer based on network , access m firewall. and the last point , it is my laptop in home and I m not at office.
I get error message when I want install column extension or other extensions. please help me.


Hello @Sarai,

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Which Extension(s) are you talking about?


Hello , ,and thanks.

Column Extension:


You can try to install it from here


Hi @Sarai,

I have installed it successfully couple of days ago (and haven’t seen anybody else complaining) so not sure what is happening. Can you install other extensions with new version? Can you check that you have proper update sites enabled for 4.2 version? You can do this from within KNIME if you go File--> Preferences --> Install/Update --> Available Software Sites


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I installed it again , and I go to that path that you told, and add knime extension addres from this link : https://nodepit.com/node/org.knime.expressions.base.node.formulas.FormulasNodeFactory and and add this : http://update.knime.org/analytics-platform/4.2 by add in install/update. and I reload every thing and reset knime, but i dont find column expresion again.

i did it , but i dont have it in knime:

It is solved. thanks for help. I dont have Idea what happened. I unistall and installed it again. :slightly_smiling_face:

best wishes


Just wanted to follow up here:

you can find the guide on how to install additional extensions here https://docs.knime.com/2020-07/analytics_platform_installation_guide/index.html#_installing_extensions_and_integrations

You can also use the KNIME Hub and just drag and drop the node into the AP hub.knime.com


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