Unable to color column headings

Hello everyone!

I have a table which has a column with special characters like *, & , + etc.
I just need to color the column heading alone but still throws me an error which says 'The generated table is not fully XLS format control table as it contains invalid characters in tags

is there any way to solve this issue? any help would be really appreciated!
Thank you!

Attaching another error which Im experiencing:

Any solution for this?

Hi @Saishiyam,

I’ve copied over a detailed response from another post with questions on errors with the XLS Formatter node (Continental XLS Formatter):

The concept of XLS Control Tables is based on tags in the meaning of speaking format identifiers. Usually, you don’t transfer your original data to a control table, but define new tag values based on your original data. However, there is an exception: Some of the XLS formatting nodes accept other things than tags (e.g. background color values, row or column heights, or the all tags option of Border Formatter and Cell Merger). Hence, only a warning is given, not an error.

The characters invalid in tags are: ;*/|+&?!,
This is mostly due to the idea to prevent users from trying combinations of tags (e.g. a&b) in user interface elements where single tags are expected only.

I would suggest to define valid XLS Control Tables for most use cases (Generator in unpivot mode → Rule Engine to overwrite the Value column with speaking tags → Pivot back and RowID to get a valid Control Table again).

Per your other error:

If there is formatting that is already applied on the excel file then conflicts can arise when applying new formatting. A quick, but inelegant workaround might be to add an additional step where you write the table to a KNIME data table (Table writer) and then read the table (Table reader) and write it as a new excel file (Excel writer).

I hope this helps!


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