Unable to configure proxy on KNIME

Good afternoon. Colleagues, tell me what to do?
I’ve been having big problems with the proxy for 2 months now. The same Datagrid that also uses a proxy when configuring the proxy works without any problems. I prescribe the same data for KNIME, nothing helps. I even tried to write the account and password differently. I’ve even tried using different versions of KNIME but nothing really helps. Can you tell me if there is any other way to configure the proxy?

Proxy1 KNIME Analytics Platform

Hi @Nuke_Attokurov -

I asked internally about this one. It’s not just you - there’s a ticket for this in our system (AP-19973). I don’t have an ETA on a fix, but the developers are aware. Sorry for the trouble!


Good afternoon. Please tell me if there is any way to solve this problem temporarily? Or in some other version it works. Could you find out. Thank you very much.

I am not aware of a temporary workaround, sorry about that. It’s possible that it would work in an earlier version, but I don’t have access to a proxy so I haven’t been able to check. You might try a quick download of KNIME AP 4.6 to see if it behaves differently with your setup.

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Thank you very much for your time.