Unable to connect to Azure VM instance of KNIME Server

I have signed up for an Azure VM version of KNIME server, but having challenge to connect to the server. The Azure server setup is complete. I have no clue on what is required next to connect to this server. When attempting to connect to the server it asks for a user and password. The user password combinations I tried including the VM setup user and password does not work. Can someone provide clear instructions on how one would connect to the Azure VM instance of KNIME server. Much appreciated.

Hi there,

I responded directly with a couple of details about the current setup. Note also that there is an initial version of the documentation tailored to Azure available here: https://docs.knime.com/2018-12/azure_marketplace_server_guide/index.html

We’ll be adding to the documentation in the coming months.



Hi @jonfuller,

I have the same problem as jvthomas21.

I look at the documentation and it is stated that the user is “knimeadmin” and the pw is the vmId of the Azure vm. But this is not working.

Thanks in advance for your answer,


Hi @lcollia,

I replied to you with a private message.