Unable to connect to Hive/Hadoop with Kerberos auth

Hi there.
I wanted to connect KNIME to our Hive/Hadoop (Data management platform based on Hadoop with Kerberos auth) and faced the error.
The error is “Execute failed: Could not open client transport for any of the Server URI’s in ZooKeeper: GSS initiate failed”.
Tech department says that it is due to usage of different versions of Java: we use JRE 1.8.0_281, and KNIME, presumably, uses something different.
Is there an option for a connection (maybe through version change)?

Hello @Kir ,
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Could you please let us know these things:

  1. Version of KNIME AP
  2. Which version of the KNIME Big Data Connector extension are you working with?


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Thank you!)

  1. KNIME AP version 5.1.2 (build October 18, 2023)

  2. for Hive connection I use a jdbc “DB Connector”, org.knime.database.node.connector.generic.DBConnectorNodeFactory 5.1.2.v202310091338
    with jdbc driver : hive-jdbc-uber-
    and : jre 1.8.0_281
    DB URL : jdbc:hive2://hdp3-zk-1.dmp.mydomain.com:2181,

this parameter suite was recommended by our Big data team and it works robust in my own Hive java connector.

Thank you for detailed information. I will ask the developers about this issue.


Hello Sanket,
is there any information from the developers?

Hello @Kir ,
Could you please enable the Kerberos debugging as described here? This should contain more information in the log file, which might help you analyze better, or you can share it with me in a private message as it might also contain some sensitive information.


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