Unable to connect to Knime server


We have installed Knime server version 4.3 (based on Tomcat). The server stops intermittently after some days and requires us to manually restart the Tomcat in such cases. But recently the restart did not work too. We restarted our server machine and started Tomcat but still not able to login to the Knime server. We get the below error message:

Connecting to server "http://frknime002:8080//tomee/ejb" failed.
Login failed for user 'tools': /VersionCheckerBeanRemote does not exist in the system. Check that the app was successfully deployed.

I am not able to understand this error message. Please let me know what is to be done for this.

Did you already have a look at the server's log files (see page 9 in the administration manual)?


Thanks for your reply. I took a look into them but am not able to find a solution from the exception stack trace in the log files. I am attaching the log files here.

Thanks in advance!



Please perform a search in job-state.xml files below /jobs/* and look for . At least one job has a report path set, i.e. the whole line will look like


Then replace this line with


After you have removed all report paths from all jobs, the server should start again.

Alternatively, if you don't need the offending job any more you can simply remove its complete directory below the "jobs" folder.

The issue should be fixed with the next bugfix release of the server.

Thanks it worked.