Unable to connect to sharepoint using flow variable


I can connect to the Sharepoint Online Connector by manually typing in the Sharepoint or Teams site URL using the ‘Web URL’ setting, similar to the below:

I cannot find a way to do this using a flow variable for it seems there is no Flow Variable for the ‘Web URL’. Does anyone have any ideas as to how to do this?

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Hi @dpowyslybbe -

The flow variable to set in this case is called site. I realize that it’s not always clear which flow variable in a given dialog governs what; to find out, you can create a new downstream flow variable and check the results, like this:

2021-08-30 09_09_18-Dialog - 0_39 - SharePoint Online Connector

2021-08-30 09_09_36-Dialog - 0_39 - SharePoint Online Connector

Does that help?


Thank you @ScottF, that did work.

I did have to input a false value into the WebURL inputbox, however, for otherwise it would throw an error:


The false value also has to be similar enough to a real value to trick KNIME. Initially I tried a random value and this failed…


…but entering “https://” did the trick:


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