Unable to connect to SQL Azure DB using DB Connector

I am using a db driven automatic connector for multiple databases leveraging DB Connector node. However when trying to connect to a SQL Server database instance in Azure using the jtDS for Microsoft SQL Server driver using the same control, I run into the following error.

Login failed with invalid TLS version

Tried to do some readup on JDBC connections and TLS and attempted creating a parameter called sslProtocol and explicitly setting TLS value but to no avail. Can you please with what settings need to be applied to db connector to successfully connect to a Azure SQL server instance.

Hey jvthomas21,

I did some research on Microsoft SQL managed by Azure. The TLS version that the DB requires is set at the DB level, while the JDBC Driver will have its own TLS version. Its important to make sure the correct driver is in-use. My guess is that the Driver is using an older version of TLS.

You could try installing a new driver, and connecting with the appropriate encryption as described here by Microsoft.


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Hello @jvthomas21,

seems you have to use the official Microsoft SQL Server driver (that you need to install separately in KNIME due to license restrictions) in order to connect to Azure SQL Database.


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