Unable to create temporary directory (java.lang.IllegalStateException)

Knime is unable to load and returning error messages regarding “unable to create temporary directory for the temp space”.

ERROR TempSpaceContentProviderFactory Unable to create the temporary directory for the temp space
ERROR LoadWorkflowRunnable Workflow could not be loaded. Can’t create temp folder in C:\Users\xxx\xxxx\xxx…
ERROR ContextAwareNodeFactoryMapper File extension handler from contributor “org.knime.ext.poi2” doesn’t properly load – ignoring it.
ERROR SWTUtilities Error caught writing temporary font.

Main console displaying the uploaded (image) error message.


Knime is installed on a server.

It seems to be working properly previously, and then we started seeing this error. Any suggestion on a remedy would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!


It appears that the process owner of the KNIME application does not have write permissions on that directory; perhaps something has changed with who the process owner of the application is, or that directory listed in the screenshot?


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