Unable to delete workflows from local space

In the modern UI (as of Oct '23), I’m unable to delete workflows from the local space. On a windows machine, I left click on the workflow in the “Your local space” view and select the delete option from the pop-up menu that appears. Then a prompt appears that asks if I want to delete the item. I click on the OK button and the prompt goes away but the workflow remains in the list on the “Your local space” view.

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Hi @tmcdonoughatsmu ,
thank you for posting.
What you describe is indeed a weird behavior. I could not reproduce it on my machine, also windows. For me KNIME version installed is 5.1.2. I see you mentioned you work in ModernUI, but just to double-check could you look into the version like on the screenshot attached?
Go to i symbol on the right upper corner → scroll down → click “About KNIME”.

If you have 5.1.2 could you make a quick recording of the described behaviour, so we see it for repruductability?

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I made a screen recording as an mp4 but your site does not allow upload of mp4.

Hi @tmcdonoughatsmu -

If you would, please rename the file extension to something else (like .txt) and upload it that way so we can have a look :slight_smile:

Try this: unable to delete workflow movie

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Hi @tmcdonoughatsmu ,
thanks for providing us with the video.
We are looking into that.

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Hi @tmcdonoughatsmu,
that’s an issue we haven’t seen before as far as I know. Few follow-up questions:

  • I assume that deleting of workflows etc. works fine in the classic UI? (click on the ‘i’-icon in the upper right to switch)
  • Is this true for every workflow, file and folder or only particular items?
  • Any errors in the log? (you find it in your workspace at ‘.metadata/knime/knime.log’)

Yes, I can delete any workflow in the classic interface. I even uninstalled KNIME and reinstalled but the behavior is the same.

No errors in the knime.log

I created a new folder and then tried to delete it. No luck. Unable to delete from the modern UI.

Deleting workflows and folders from the classic UI works fine.

I would be happy to meet on a Zoom call with anyone from KNIME who would like to see it live.

I also ran the KNIME executable as administrator and the behavior is the same.

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