Unable to Deploy To Server. Unresponsive "OK" button

Hi everyone,

I have a rather weird problem. I can successfully connect to my Knime server (4.8.2) from my computer (3.7.2), I can execute and schedule workflows on the server, but I can’t do the following things:

  • “Deploy to server”: I click the “OK” button, but nothing happens. The machine isn’t freezing, it is more like if it is not detecting the click (image 1).
  • Use “Save as”: Sometimes I want to download a workflow from the server to my local workspace but just as the previous error, whenever I click the save button the machine does nothing (image 2).

Any Ideas on how I could solve this problem?

Image 1

Image 2



can you try and copy and paste (CTRL + C on the workflow and CTRL + V on the workflow group) and see if that is working? Alternatively we also have the option to drag’n’drop workflows.
Since you’re using KNIME Server 4.8.2 may I ask if you have ‘Use REST’ enabled in the mount point settings? You can also check if it’s enabled if the address shown in the besides the mount point shows /knime/rest/ instead of /tomee/ejb.


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