Unable to download KNIME

Hello together,
I’m currently struggling to download KNIME.

Once I click on “download”, I get immediately to this page:

However, no dowload startet and it does not at all look like it should based on the download tutorial on Youtube.

I tried it both with chrome and edge, but to no avail (in firefox I’m unable to log in). I’m using windows 11, if that should matter.

It seems to be the same problem described here:

But there is no helpful solution mentioned there.

Hi @Lamalegierung,
Thank you for reporting this! We have noticed as well and the website team is on the case! I hope downloads will be available again shortly.
Kind regards,


Hi @Lamalegierung,
The downloads should work again.
Kind regards,


Hi Alexander,

yes, it works now. Thank you (and the website team).

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