Unable to download KNIME

I can’t reach download page in firefox, and can’t reach the download link… something is broken on the page…

update function on Knime doesn’t work either…

Hi @sahandayumurta , welcome to the KNIME community.

I can see the download page ok and can download files from it.

Is it still not working for you?

Have you tried with a different browser?

Are you behind a firewall or have other software which is maybe blocking access?

What error messages are you seeing?

What operating system are you using?

Which version of KNIME are you trying to download?

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No it doesn’t working yet; I tried Knime update link on file menu, tried Firefox (can’t see update button after login and selecting download link, black menu att the bottom of the page covers the page, when I zoom in at max I’m able to see download button, but doesn’t start when clicked) tried chrome page works there, but again when I clicked download button nothing happens. Knime 4.7.2 is my version of Knime, trying to upgrade to 5.1. Windows 10, and this is the error message I get;

Hi @sahandayumurta , those URLs don’t look right to me.

If you open preferences from the File menu, and navigate to Available Software Sites (such as below), what do you see?

this is the available software sites…

in addition to the problem I see many of the pages like that in your web site in firefox… no details just header and footer…

but when i tried in chrome it’s “mostly” ok…

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