Unable to download workflow

I upgraded to 5.2.0.
I got this error message.
Unable to download workflow: The entity is not backed by an input stream, entity class is : java.io.InputStream
ı can see workflows at the example folder.When I click, I got this error message.
I also try to drag&drop from hub, I also get same error message.

I am not sure that I made correct preferances settings.
Can you help me to open example files?

Hello hadi,
Which workflow are you trying to download? I think the relevant extension is not installed, that’s why you are facing this issue.

actually for all workflow I got same message.
for basic ones also like example of JS scattrer plot.

for example I have already downloaed same workflow before to my workspace.
So I can open it clearly
but when I try to open from Knime server or hub site with drag&drop, I got this error message.

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