Unable to edit Annotation


maybe this occurred with the recent version but it could be present since longer as this arrangement of nodes and the annotation. Please check the following screen recording.


Hi @mwiegand, I thought (might be wrong) that annotations in classic UI were only editable by double-clicking inside the top left corner (where the B in “BUG” is in your video).

If you make the annotation “active” by single clicking somewhere on it and then double-click on the edge of the “B” right where it is next to the “U”, so as to avoid clicking the node ;-), does it allow you to edit it then?

Yes, I should have added more clarity to the description. The issue however, still remands that even if I change the layer order, bringing the annotation atop, it still doesn’t work. Though, I must admit, that is kind of stupid to say as this would hide the nodes. It kind of feels (unnecessarily) buggy.

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