Unable to insert load data into PostgreSQL DB table and Current Error log issue

Dear Knimers,

Please need help to fix this issue

  1. Unable to insert load data into PostgreSQL DB table

Used both DB insert and DB writter node, Nodes keep runing for an hour, no data is loaded

  1. Current Error log is showing up

Thanks in Advance

Hi @Pragadeshgp , can you show us the whole workflow?

Are you inserting and writing to the same table at the same time? And are the DB connections still active when it’s time for these nodes to run?


No, i have ececuted it seprately
Yes DB connections is active

@Pragadeshgp I think you would have to provide much more information. Has this workflow ever worked. Does the database you want to write to exist or do you want to create it?

Maybe provide a log file in debug mode. And if possible the workflow itself without spelling any secrets.

Then you might want to try and first create an empty table and then load the data like in this H2 database example.


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