Unable to install AI Labs extension

I have downloaded lattest version of KNIME and I am unable to install AI Extenstion (Labs). In Windos 10, I get an

‘Installing Softawere’ has encountered a problem. An error occured while installing items

With the following details

An error occurred while installing the items
session context was:(profile=KNIMEProfile, phase=org.eclipse.equinox.internal.p2.engine.phases.Install, operand=null → [R]org.knime.python.llm.channel.bin.win32.x86_64, action=org.knime.product.p2.actions.ShellExec).
ShellExec command exited non-zero exit value:

I have also tried on pc with Windows 7 but with no luck.

Any ideas?

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I have the same issue

I also got the same issue.

Hello @Dimitris_Panago,

Are you still having this issue?

I just verified on mac that it works. I also used a VM for windows 11 and it also works on there.

Let me know of any updates!