Unable to install geosptial extension

I am unable to install the Geospatial extensions. I’m running the latest Knime build (October 18, 2023)

Dear @steve33h,

it could be a Windows long path issue, which can be resolved via setting a registry key.

This registry key can also be controlled via Group Policy at Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > System > Filesystem > Enable Win32 long paths.

In there you can set it to 1, please do so and try installing Geospatial again.

If that was not the case, please provide additional information as described in this troubleshoot section (which also contains further information about the windows long path issue). With additional information I mean the knime log and the two create_env files and maybe even some screenshots or error messages you see (did you not see any?).

Please let me know what the outcome is.

Best regards


Thanks for the suggestion.

Unfortunately, I tried accessing your path via the Registry Editor and through Control Panel. Not getting to what you recommend.

Other suggestions?

Yes. The other other suggestions I wrote. And please elaborate where you got stuck.

Thanks for the followup.

So, the Troubleshooter put me into Microsoft App Development where they provided the path to the appropriate Key. I observed LongPathEnabled key value set to 1.

Other suggestions?

As for where the extension load fails, on restarting Knime, I observe the following warning.

I click yes and get this pop-up.

I click details and see this.

Soooo, any thoughts?


the last screenshot is interesting. How did you end up with that update site? Please verify that your available update sites look like the ones in my screenshot (and send a screenshot of yours maybe). You can find them via Preferences -> Install/Update -> Available Software Sites.


Thanks for the coaching.

I think this is the screenshot you are looking for

Question stays the same: where does that last update site of yours come from? Please delete it and retry.

I don’t know. I assume it was when I attempted to download the Harvard geospatial workflow.

Will delete.

Cleared the Harvard Geospatial site.

Required a few reboots but I may have gotten the geospatial extensions at this point.

Thanks for the help. I’ll play around with this and may be back if something seems odd.

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