unable to load workflow on server - update required?


I got this error message on my DEVelopment server

Though I see the difference, I though this shouldn’t matter as it is part of 4.1 and should therefore be compatible?

Am i looking into the wrong things, or what would be a manner to update the server so that it is compatible with the latest version ? (of is a new VM required?)

Thank you in advance.


Hello Tom,

Thank you for contacting KNIME regarding this issue. My name is Nickolaus, and I’ll be assisting you from the Austin, TX office (CST time zone).

My understanding of the issue is that you are seeing an error message when you try to load a workflow that was created with a newer version of KNIME AP.

Please provide the following for additional information/troubleshooting:

  • What version(s) of KNIME Server (KS), and – if applicable – KNIME Executor are being used?

This sometimes happens if your client KNIME AP is of a higher version than the KNIME Executor. Updating the executor may resolve your issues.