Unable to open KNIME after closing the application


When I try to open KNIME, I am getting the following message


!ENTRY org.eclipse.osgi 4 0 2022-09-28 07:17:41.471
!MESSAGE An error occurred while automatically activating bundle org.eclipse.core.resources (370).
org.osgi.framework.BundleException: Exception in org.eclipse.core.resources.ResourcesPlugin.start() of bundle org.eclipse.core.resources."


Would be grateful If any of the participants in this forum, are able to solve the problem I am facing. installed it on 27th sept 2022


Hello @PKRISH ,

which version of AP did you installed?
Did you install or update an earlier version?
Sorry for the question but did you try to uninstall and reinstall it again?

Before this installation did you have an other AP (maybe earlier version) working?



I have now installed version 4.6.2?
It was an update to an earlier version
No. I did not uninstall the earlier version. I had an earlier version on the desktop so I just downloaded the new version and reinstalled it.

However after much try, I tried reinstalling it. It said an earlier version exists. Hence I need to uninstall it and then reinstall it, which I did.

It has now started working again and I am able to open KNIME and use it. However I notice in the new version, I do not see a dialog box in the workflow coach where I could search for a particular node. Would you able to tell me how to set it right.

Thanks for your help.


Hello @PKRISH ,

it is good to hear it is working now :slight_smile:

You can check your current version number at Help → About KNIME Analytics Platform.

You can get back the Workflow Coach View at View → Workflow Coach


Thanks .
Probably i need to clarify my question. The small text dialog box which appears within the right side of the workflow coach is missing. how do i get it back. version i am using is 4.6.2


please try to minimize and maximize, or maximize than restore the view of your Workbench Coach.

I hope it helps if it does not work please share a screen shot of the present look of your Workbench Coach.



I have attached herewith the screen shot , as suggested by you. The input dialog box, in the workflow coach is missing in this version 4.6.2. Attempts have been made by minimising, maximing screens as also changes in the preference screen.

Pls advise


Hello @PKRISH ,

I am afraid I am missing something here… The Workflow Coach View does not have an input dialog / search box…
KNIME Explorer and Node Repository have search boxes but the Workflow Coach does not have independently the version number.
Here is the documentation for the AP, but I believe you have already studied that.

Best regards,

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