Unable to read .xls file

Dear fellow colleagues,

Hopefully , its a quick fix that you can help me with. I am unable to read the .xls file with the excel reader node , could you kindly support in this regard. ( see screenshot attached) . I am currently using KNIME 4.5.1 version.

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Could you provide the excel file? If the data is sensitive, could you provide fake or anonymized data so that we can see what the problem could be? Please make sure the fake/anonymized data produces the same error.

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@Shashank_321 question would be what sort of file this is. I have used R package to import older Excel files:

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Hi Victor, Thanks for the response!

Kindly find the dummy file attched
Latest Price Export Dummy.xls (155.3 KB)

I get a prompt ( see screenshot attched ) , to which we say ‘Yes’. It (file) is a download from SAP.

Hi @mlauber71 , Thanks , Its a Excel 97-2003 Worksheet.

The file is “broken” in some way. Reopen it in excel and save it again as xls file under new name. Then the normal excel reader works fine.


Thanks @Daniel_Weikert for your support ! Will try it in this way.

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