Unable to retrieve attribute values from an XML file

I have an XML file with the following structure:



I would like to retrieve the dates value 18-01-2022 00:01:00 and the measurement values (179, 183). My workflow is listed below
The settings of the second XPath node are:
Whatever settings I aplly the result is the same: the values “29-10-2021 00:01:00" and 239 are not extracted.
When I right click the XML-Cell Preview the test “selected XML element is not a tag nor an attribute” appears next in the Selected path field/

Who can give me the solution? Any help is appreciated

Hi @reedere

You’re looking for /event/@ts and /event/@value.

Within the Xpath node, click on the attributes ts and value to get the corresponding queries.


Thanks a lot for your answer. I can retrieve the values without problem

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