Unable to save in knime server

we’re unable to save the file in the knime server.

error message After saving -[ An internal error occurred during: “Upload of File v5 to knime-server:/FILE_send_mail/File v5”.
java.io.IOException: Server returned HTTP response code: 500.]

And when trying to open the workflow we get this error message-
[Cannot open downloaded content: Directory doesn’t contain a workflow]

hello @Hamraj,

welcome to the KNIME community. does the user have access rights to the folder?
status 500 means, that there is a problem in the communication between server and request.

also, are you able to see the logfiles?


Yes, I can see the log file and where can we find which access users don’t have?.


aside we can save smaller-size workflows with no issues however we’re facing issues in bigger-size workflows.


Just to get some preliminaries out of the way, can we assume that you’ve already verified that disk space is not an issue on the server?
What version of KNIME server are you using?
If you have a KNIME server license and would like to work with support in a non-public setting, please email support@knime.com and we can investigate further through a support case directly. If you go this route, please include the server version and logs for review.


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