Unable to see KNIME hub items or drag+drop workflows from KNIME website

When on my company’s network I am unable to see the items from api.hub.knime.com (in KNIME Explorer). I get a connection error when trying.
Similarly when I try to drag+drop workflows from the KNIME hub website I am also unable (“Unknown URL”). I can browse the forum pages just fine, however.

When I disconnect from my company’s network I am able to do both of these actions without any problems. (I am unable to use a proxy on their network.)

My company does block a lot of categories (file sharing, gambling, proxies, etc) for websites. Ordinarily we get a message telling us what was blocked and why, but this is different. The company network also has other firewall protections in place.

While I can do this with my laptop/VPN, I can’t do it on our servers.

I plan to submit a request to our security teams to allow the connections, however I’d like to know what URLS/ports/protocols to request. (I see api.hub.knime.com but don’t know port/protocol, and don’t know of any others). I don’t want to have to keep making multiple separate requests.
Any help appreciated!

Hi @ajackson,

thanks for reaching out - the URL to ask for unblocking would be api.hub.knime.com on http and https, ports80 and 443, respectively. https://update.knime.com on port 443 would allow you to install from within your companies network.

Alternatively, if they allow it, *.knime.com, i.e. all of our websites, via http (port 80) and https (port 443) would be preferable.

As of why the websites work from you browser but not from within KNIME - hard to tell. Did your IT modify your browser somehow or did you set a proxy within KNIME (File → Preferences → General → Network Connections)?

Kind regards,

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