Unable to set objective function as Flow Variable for Parameter optimization Loop

I am trying to optimize my random forest regression according to the root mean square error performance metric. I am using the following workflow below for this task:

However, while I am able to generate my performance metrics (statistics):

I am unable to set the parameter end loop to any other variables other than those at the beginning of the workflow / outside of the parameter hyperloop:

The default / first flow variable is “iteration” in this case. I had created flow variables outside of the loop that can be selected, but these are not my objective function (not an output from the random forest).

I have tried converting the performance metrics to flow variables with the Table Row to Variable node. However, when I run the loop, the loop end gets reset to the first flow variable in the list at the beginning of the parameter start (again, in this case- iteration).

Is there a way I am able to set my parameter optimization loop to root mean square error, or any of the other statistics calculated from the Numeric Scorer node? Thank you for your help in advance!

Hi @JoshuaMMorriss -

Here is a screenshot of what a solution might look like. You were on the right track with the Table Row to Variable node, you just need a few extra nodes to narrow things down a bit.

2022-05-18 09_30_42-KNIME Analytics Platform

If you’re still having trouble, feel free to upload a sample of your actual WF and I can help you implement it there.

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