Unable to unistall/install Knime platform

Hello. I tried to upgrade from 4.7.8 to 5.2.5, but it was unsuccessful, because the extensions could not be installed. Unfortunately, 4.7.8 was uninstalled before 5.2.5. I tried to use recovery from Windows, but it would not help, because Knime had not started at all. I would like to install 4.7.8, but I encountered this problem:


I pressed yes, but there was another message:


In the end, how to uninstall it and install. And I am also afraid that I lost all my workspaces.

The workspaces should reside in another location so you can change your KNIME software all you want. Having said that backup is always a good strategy.


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The good strategy would be not to uninstall version automatically 4. before 5 if there are any incompatibilities between them. I coudn’t image that this cause so much trouble! I even cannot install the same version now.

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Great thanks, I could recover manually through the control panel. At least the basic functionality is recoverable and the workflow is still available.