unable to upgrade or install KNIME extensions - Error message

Hi, I would like to upgrade to the latest KNIME as well as install the RDKit extension and when I go to File-> upgrade or File->install KNIME extension I get the following message:
Some sites could not be found. See the error log for more detail.
No repository found at http://collaborativedrug.com.
No repository found at file:/C:/Users/dcollin/Downloads/com.cdd.api_1.1.0/com.cdd.api_1.1.0/.

Any idea how to fix that?
Thank you

Hello @dcollin1,

what version are you currently on? You can see this if you go Help --> About KNIME Analytics Platform from within KNIME.

Additionally seems there are some update sites you have added and are not active. Can you check those sites?


Hello @dcollin1,

I asume you extracted the zip-File? Have you clicked on Local and not Archive?
I also tried it by downloading, extracting the zip-File and then under software sides I clicked on “Local” and navigated to the extracted folder. An installation was possible.


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