Unable to use Send to Power BI after successfully authenticating with the Microsoft Authenticator node


I am trying to send data to Power BI using the “Microsoft Authenticator” node and the “Send to Power BI” node.

I am able to successfully authenticate in the Microsoft Authenticator node using the Client/Application secret (OAuth2) authentication type.

However, when I try and run the connected “Send to Power BI” node I get a “Execute failed: Unknown Reason” error. When I click into the Power BI node none of the workspaces are available in the dropdown list.

Here are the Power BI API permissions that KNIME has.

Am I missing permissions? Any recommendations on how to troubleshoot?

You are using a service principal?
Make sure Power BI admin settings allow that as well.

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Thank you Daniel_Weikert! You pointed me in the right direction and I was able to get the issue I was encountering resolved.

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