Understanding Large Language Models

When ChatGPT came out, friends asked me how it works; they were convinced it must be super complex rocket science :rocket: You think so, too?

Let me tell you: it actually is not! :slightly_smiling_face: understanding how such large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT work is not too complicated after all. In a nutshell, a LLM predicts the answer based on the context. So, it just spits out the answer with the highest probability of being the correct one.

Of course, there is a tad more to LLMs than this one sentence explanation. Last month @dromerosm and @roberto_cadili presented webinar about this topic, explaining what LLMs are, how they work, and how to integrate ChatGPT in KNIME workflows.

:tv: If you missed the webinar, you can re-watch it on our KNIMETV YouTube channel:
Leverage ChatGPT in KNIME workflows :arrow_forward: Leverage ChatGPT in KNIME workflows - YouTube


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