Unexpected end of ZLIB input stream

How should I resolve this issue?

This exception is thrown when I am trying to write the data to multiple excel tabs, all with a different name. I am using Excel Sheet Appender to append the excel tabs and using flow variable ports to serialize the order of execution of these nodes.

Please let me know if anyone needs any more information to resolve this issue. Your efforts would be greatly appreciated.

Hi friend, I have just seen your issue since I was looking for the answer to the same one. In my case, the .xls file was corrupted. I have chaged it from my back up and the problem has dissapiared.

I hope it helps.



Hi there @jkatyal,

still having above mentioned issue?

Tnx for sharing your solution @JEMN :wink:


Hi @ipazin,

Thanks for following up. A corrupted file was causing an error in my case as well. It is all good now!

@JEMN, Thank you so much for your response! Much appreciated! :slight_smile:


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Glad it’s good now.

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