Unicode character problem


I only want to replace 1 of the two characters µ or °.

I wrote a program in java:

String test = "Lubricity (60°C)";
String att=test.replaceAll("°C", "micro");
System.out.println(att); ---->>> Lubricity (60micro)

I did the same in KNIME and it didn`t note that the character is in the String....Why?

I tried with test.contains(°C) ---> false

Have one an idea?

Best regards



This sounds like an encoding issue (again). How do you read the strings into KNIME? Is the character encoding set correctly?

Hi thor,

i cant create a new String... because if i use:

String test= "Lubricity (60°C)";

test = Lubricity (60°C).... in KNIME.... why?

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Well, it works when I try it. Have a look at the attached workflow.

Hello thor,

ok.. strange, but i found a another solution but thx to you!

Best regards