Uniform table layout

Dear community,

following situation is at hand:
There are 6 extract (i.e., EXCEL sheets) I receive from the finance department.
All 6 serve the same purposes (at hand, data for VAT returns) but are in different formats (i.e., sequence and completeness of columns). Reports can’t be changed (hard constraint).

There is a 12-columned target structure for all 6 reports. 1 report matches already that target structure while the other 5 are lagging certain columns. Not 2 reports lag the same combination of columns.

Hence, I’m aiming for a workflow to modify the structure of the 6 reports (at hand, adding missing column) so at the end they match the target structure.

My approach is to define the target structure and tell KNIME to add any missing columns. What is based on your experience the most feasible approach on that?

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Hi, I would have define a structure creating an empy table with all the columns and formats I want with the Table creator node. Then I’ll use the concatenate node between my created table and the excel tables using the “use union of columns” option.

Hey Fabien,

that worked perfectly! Thanks for your support.

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