Uninstaller corrupted

Is there a way to manually uninstall KNIME?

I used an installer to install KNIME 5.2.3 to a local user (user/AppData/Local/Programs).
KNIME didn’t open when I tried to start it, and I tried to uninstall, resulting in getting the message saying the uninstaller was corrupted and preventing me from uninstalling.
I deleted stuff in the Local/Programs/KNIME folder, but now the installer says the previous installation of KNIME has to be uninstalled.
I guess I’m stuck now.

Is there any way I can solve the situation??

Hey @YutaDaniel225,

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Have you tried using a different way of installation? If you deleted your previous version already and the installer still does not work, you could try to download ‘KNIME Analytics Platform for Windows (zip archive)’ and bypass the installer completely.

This method should get you a working copy of KAP without having to use the installer.

Hope this helps,


Thank you, @thor_landstrom
I was able to set up KNIME with zip following your advice.

Great to hear it works!


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